Role of Youth in Digital Society for Make in India 2020

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India is a country of youth. More than 65% population of our country is below 35 years and more than 50% population of our country is below the age of 25.  It is expected that, in 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years as compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan. It a god gift that we are having the youngest population all over the globe. Our youth is having tremendous capabilities and has shown their performance in all over the globe with prestigious organizations like NASA, Google, Apple, Microsoft and many more. More than 35% engineers in Silicon Valley are from our country. Our skilled manpower is showing excellent performance for the companies of developing countries. Unfortunately they don’t have any major contribution in the field of research and development into their account. They are good performers for the other organizations but not for our country or for themselves. In my opinion a lot of things are required to be done in this field.

I am already doing some work in this field. It was my privilege to serve some of the most prestigious engineering colleges in Rajasthan as director. As being on the highest academic post of these institutions, I got the opportunity to study the current scenario and placement opportunities of young engineers. Apart from engineering colleges, I visited many other colleges and schools also. In last two years, I met more than 66000 students, faculty members and executives from different industries. I addressed them discussed about the aim of their life. I found that most of them are unaware about their potential and future course of action.

I found two types of problems with new generation. The first problem is with the skilled youth. They are educated, having good degrees but do not have the opportunities. They wanted to do a lot of things but are confused. They don’t know what to do. The second problem is with the category of youth who do not have proper education. They wanted to show their performance in the field of agriculture, education, medical, engineering etc., but are lacking because of education and opportunities. Such types of masses are mostly from rural areas.

To overcome these two issues, we started doing something, discussed with many people including the professors of IITs, NITs and some other universities, industrialists and businessmen through the platform of Motivational Society of Achievers.  We have also organized seminars on the topic of “Industry Ready Education” at our college in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce and Industries. In these programs, top industrialists were invited to discuss with the academicians and students. With such meetings, we came out with the conclusion that our education system is not adequate enough to meet the requirement of the industries and our country at large. There is a big gap between the requirement of organizations and the man power coming out of the colleges. Furthermore we observed that information technology is the only field which can give most of the solutions to these issues.

During my research work in Mohan Lal Sukhadia University on e-Governance I found that how IT is changing the life of a common man through good governance. The process is still continuing and now we are into the era of m-Governance. IT has proved its significance in the field of e-Governance and e-Commerce by removing the role of middle man. Now at all the times (24*7) facilities are available at the door step of a common man. But this is not enough. We need to do a lot of research work for our youth power. I think, IT is having tremendous potentiality to show the path to our unemployed youth. Many fields are still waiting for the startups to come up.  I feel an urgent need of research work in this direction and to find out the possibilities of technological innovation which can ease the life of our new generation by bridging the gap between technology and society, particularly concerned with how technological advances, along with institutional changes, address the needs of under-served communities. This can be possible by doing a study of the role of youth in digital society for make in India 2020. Here the question is why 2020? This is because in coming five years, we are having the tremendous potentiality to change our country from developing to developed country with the help of digital revolution.

The first objective of the research work may be to study the current scenario and employment status in India. At present our youths are aimless. They are rushing behind the government jobs only. They are not aware about the other fields of technology where they can show their entrepreneurship. Let us take an example of UP. In September 2015, there was an advertisement for the post of peon in Uttar Pradesh government secretariat. The minimum qualification for this post was simply class five pass and having the knowledge of riding a bicycle. There were only 368 posts for this position. Quite surprisingly against these 368 sanctioned positions, there were 23 lakh applications. When categorized the applications, the officials found that 255 doctorates, 24969 post graduates and more than 1.5 lakh graduates have applied for the job. It puts a question mark on the development claims when highly qualified people are applying for the post of peon.

The second objective may be to study the startup opportunities in India. Bangalore has become the hub for startups. Youngsters are enthusiastic to start new ventures in different segments. It is the right time to find out the possible sectors where new startups can be successful.

The next objective may be to study the role of youth in digital Society for Make in India 2020. According to current status, India has 3500 engineering colleges and almost 1.5 million engineering graduates passing out every year. Out of those 1.5 million, more than 30% are not getting employed in first year of their graduation, which leaves a whopping that 70 to 80% will get a job in some software company. This gives us a fair idea of how well technology is advancing in India. As per the statement of Prof. S. Sadagopan, Director IIITB, Technology is impacting everyone and mobiles are used by over 750 million Indians. Today we are living into the era of IT revolution.  It is quite possible to success the dream of our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi “Make in India 2020” by our youth through digital society.