Microsoft Supports Whitespace Solutions in Andhra Pradesh

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella extends supports to the startups of Andhra Pradesh working on unused TV Spectrum (White Spectrum) to provide bandwidth for low cost internet connectivity. According to Satya, Whitespace with 200 to 300 MHz spectrum band can reach up to 10 km whereas Wi-Fi has a range of only 100 mtrs. He further described that similar pilot projects in collaboration with Microsoft are operational in Ghana, South Africa, Singapore, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania.   Microsoft has also identified Visakhapatnam as a place to set up Centre of Excellence. The company has agreed to support in building of three proof-of-concept (POC) solutions to apply Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Advanced Visualization tool in the fields of education, agriculture and e-Citizen services. The POC solutions will be built and deployed to solve problems within each fields to achieve better outcomes. The technology will use the lab method for collection of data, analysis, and policy planning. Microsoft has assured the state government to provide training to the government’s executives on mobile and cloud technologies.

In a brief interaction with startups in Hyderabad, he gave three points of success: concept, capability and culture. He further added to start learning more and more from day one, chase your idea or concept, improve your capability and create the culture. Mr. Nadella also showed interest in the state government’s e-Pragathi project of Rs. 2,500-crore.