How to get Maximum Marks in the Examination

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To get maximum marks in the examination is the ambition of all the students and everybody is working hard for the same. Anyhow very few are aware about the tricks and techniques of smart study. Today I am going to discuss some tips of study techniques and how to get maximum marks in the examination. Doing smart and selective study brings you to the path of success. If we talk about the daily routine of a student, every day he or she goes school for 6 hours. On an average 8 hours sleep is required to all the students for good health. It takes 1 hour to get ready,1 hour is the travel time for school or college, 2 hours in breakfast-lunch and dinner, 1 hour for homework and 2 hours for other works. Now we have left with 3 hours only to study at home which makes a student extra ordinary or average. In school or colleges, the students are having limited options to study smartly. The only thing they can do is to have an eye contact with the teachers. With the eye contact your mind and body remains at one place and result to maximum concentration.

While studying at home, you must opt the selective study on priority basis. In the beginning the retention capability of our mind is higher. At that time we must go for most important portion from exam point of view. When the mind gets tired, we can study important and less important portions subsequently. Study shows that the retention capability of our mind is 75 to 90 % in the first half an hour and reduces gradually up to 20% after half an hour. To overcome this problem, we must give small breaks after each half an hour of study. This gap will enable us to recap the memory. Remember one thing that watching TV is the biggest enemy of your excellence and you should avoid TV during 10 minutes break.  

One more point, god has given two hands to work and two eyes to see. Similarly we have been gifted two parts of mind also, left brain and right brain. Left brain does the logical, analytical, and objective work while right brain is responsible for intuitive, thoughtful and subjective thinking. Usually right handed people are left brained persons and lefties are right brained persons. There is an interesting relation between mind and hand of operation. If you want to double the capability of your mind, you should use your both hands in day to day activities.

We must focus on making strong frames in our subconscious mind also. For the power of subconscious mind I will talk you separately. Remember one think; you should have good health also. For that, you should take fruits and vitamins on regular basis. Everyday 10 to 15 minutes warm up is also required for good health. I hope, these tips will help you in getting good marks in the examination and wishing you a best of luck.